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Our Story

Welcome to Fostering Geniuses an online course I have created to show parents how they can activate and awaken the genius abilities in their babies.

Research has shown that every baby is born with enormous potential.They have far more infinite intelligence than any human on earth. However, these abilities are asleep and need to be awakened before it is too late. If these genius abilities are not awakened before they are 5yrs old, the brain starts to go through a biological process called synaptic pruning where it starts to prune or cut out the synapses or neurological connections inside the brain it feels it doesn't need, but meanwhile are vital for their growth and development.

Who is the course for

If Your baby is between 0 - 5yrs.

If You genuinely believe that spending on learning, development, and growth are more important than spending on; chocolate, clothes, toys, gadgets, etc.

If You would love to see your kids outperform and excel in every area of their lives; it can be in sports, music, business, maths, drama, creativity, intellect, etc.

If You are tired of paying lots of money on crèches with no noticeable result on your baby

If You want to form a strong bond with your baby.

At Fostering geniuses, we're dedicated to helping you unlock your baby's brilliance. Join us on this extraordinary journey of discovery and watch your baby shine like the little star they are!.

If You want to monitor and experience the miraculous changes that occur at every stage in your child’s life

If You want to activate and nurture the genius abilities in your baby, You would be proud to see your child stand out among their peers.

What You Will Get

25 days course with different activities for each day Access to 100 copies of Activator Cards to help build a solid photographic memory in your baby

You will be in a community of like-minded parents whom you can rub minds with, and who can motivate and encourage you.

Access to professionals who will answer your questions, mentor and clear your concerns.

35+ sound files to help build your baby’s auditory and communication skills.

Daily plans to guide you through, even after the course.

40 sets of Keen Eye Cards to help develop and improve your baby’s eye health and photographic memory.

How Does The Program Work

We have put together various video instructions and lots of activities for parents, all you need to do is to watch and learn from these videos and then do the activities with your child. You will also be able to ask questions and share your experience with other parents in your online community. All content, community, and videos will be accessible from your mobile/laptop.

Here are reviews from some satisfied subscribers

"This baby learning website is a game-changer for new parents like me! The interactive activities and videos make it so much fun for my little one to learn and explore. I love how it caters to different age groups, ensuring that my baby is always engaged with age-appropriate content. Highly recommended!"
Joy Anieke

"I can't thank this baby learning website enough for all the support it has provided in my parenting journey. The resources are not only educational but also incredibly entertaining for my baby. The progress tracking feature allows me to see how my child is developing and hitting milestones. It's an invaluable tool for any parent."
Alimot Olarewaju

"What a fantastic resource for early childhood development! The variety of content on this baby learning website is outstanding. From sensory activities to language development games, my baby is exposed to a wide range of experiences that help with their growth and learning. It's like having a virtual teacher in our home!"
Mary Benson

"As a first-time parent, I was overwhelmed with the idea of helping my baby learn and develop. This website has been a lifesaver! The video demonstrations and step-by-step guides make it easy for me to engage my baby in meaningful learning activities. It's like having a personal tutor for my child 24/7."
Peter Benson

"I've tried a few different baby learning websites, but this one stands out. The content is fresh, engaging, and updated regularly. I appreciate the focus on early childhood development and how it supports parents in providing the best learning experiences for their babies. It's a must-visit for all new parents."
Ajoke Olumide

"This website has made a world of difference in our daily routine. It's not just about teaching babies; it's about creating precious moments of learning and bonding. The website's user-friendly interface and the wealth of resources available have transformed our parenting journey. I can't recommend it enough!"
Rose Ndubuisi