Frequently Asked Questions

Parents whose children are between the ages of 0-5 years.

It’s a 25 days course but you will be given an extended time of 20 more days, to enable you re-watch it over and over again.

We have put together various video instructions and lots of activities for parents. all you need to do is to watch and learn from these videos and then do the activities with your child. You will also be able to ask questions and share your experience with other parents in your online community. All content, community, and videos will be accessible from your mobile phones, tablets, or laptops/computers.

Absolutely! Not just that, you will have the opportunity to meet other parents who are taking the course, compare notes, ask them questions, have general discussions and even motivate each other. It will be like another healthy community with like-minded parents who want the best for their children, so you can see that you will not be alone.

You will have access to all you need for this course once you register. They will be at your disposal for you to download and keep for life.

Absolutely! You will have unlimited access to us even after taking the course. You can ask questions, take more courses when available, etc.

No, you can’t. we discourage doing so, your registration can be canceled without a refund if found doing so.

It’s a total package that entails; a 25 days course with different activities for each day Access to 100 copies of Activator Cards to help build a solid photographic memory in your baby You will be in a community of like-minded parents whom you can rub minds with, and who can motivate and encourage you. Access to professionals who will answer your questions, mentor and clear your concerns Daily plans to guide you through, even after the course 40 sets of Keen Eye Cards to help develop and improve your baby’s eye health and photographic memory. 40+ sound files to help build your baby’s auditory and communication skills.