Select the plan that fit you

Silver Package

45 Days
25 days long course with different activities for each day
35+ sound files to help build your child’s auditory and communication skills
40+ eye exercises to help develop your child’s vision and improve their reading skills
Access to personal cards and answer keys
Creativity and artistry skills
500 colouring pages to help build your child's creativity and artistry skills
You can run this course multiple times
Daily goals to guide you through, who can motivate and encourage you

Diamond Package

45 Days
Everything in the Silver package
800 copies of activator cards. This helps to activate your child’s photographic memory
1000 coloring pages to help build your child’s creativity and artistry skills.
Over 800 pages of learning activities. The 9-months curriculum comes complete with weekly acitvities
This curriculum is made up of Science, Letters, Numbers, Problem Solving, Writing, and many more skills. This will improves your child's reading, spelling and mathematical skills.
More sound files and more keen eye cards
You will be in a community of like-minded parents who can encourage you and your child’s progress
Daily plans to guide you through even after the course
Free professional counsels
Certificate of completion
And of course I will be with you throughout the journey